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Safeguard Receipt Clarity for the Long Haul

Elevate your print game with MiTEQ Certified Supplies—where your receipts and documents endure and radiate professionalism. Our papers undergo a meticulous pre-testing, selection, and certification process, ensuring unmatched performance, durability, and longevity—all at a price that suits your budget. With MiTEQ, your receipts and documents align with your financial plans and stand the test of time with style, leaving a lasting impression of readability and reliability.

Withstand the Elements

Guard your receipts against the elements! Heat, light, moisture, and abrasion pose no challenge to the durability of your documents when crafted with the right materials, thermal resistance, thickness, and top coating. Whether facing rain, chemicals, being stored in hot spaces, or being touched by various surfaces, ensure your receipts and documents remain robust and resilient with MiTEQ.

Quality Testing Guaranteed

MiTEQ’s material sciences experts meticulously pre-test, select, and certify the most high-performing receipt papers to meet your application’s durability, image quality, archival needs, and budget. With MiTEQ, you’re in capable hands. Plus, we’re proud to be ISO 9001:2000 certified, following consistent processes to guarantee that our finished products consistently deliver high customer satisfaction. Your trust in MiTEQ ensures top-notch quality and reliability every time.


Craving customization? Look no further. Enhance security and combat counterfeits with pre-printed watermarks. Order documents with pre-printed return policies, instructions, warranties, and other essential conditions. And for the ultimate personal touch, we can even pre-print your company logo, PMS colour, and other information to boost your brand. Enjoy a complete solution crafted exclusively for you