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Enhance the efficiency of your mobile staff

Ivanti Wavelink assists you in attaining an unprecedented level of business velocity that satisfies consumer requirements. MiTEQ results show increased customer satisfaction and the shipment of additional products, both of which contribute to the expansion of your company.

Survey Report

Ivanti Wavelink conducted a stakeholder survey regarding supply chain operations in order to collect information regarding labour obstacles, technology, and key performance indicators (KPIs). The findings validate the notion that an industry must prioritise security, resilience, and the means to attract top talent.

Elevate the experience of supply chain personnel by maximising output at the location of operation.

Changes to enterprise systems are not necessary to optimise assignment workflows. Constantly monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), optimising the user experience, and ensuring the health of enterprise mobile deployments all contribute to the optimal performance of your operational technology infrastructure and the personnel who depend on it.

Mobile Enterprise Apps

The operations-centric Velocity platform is intended to increase employee output.

Voice Enablement

Enhance order accuracy and selecting velocity by integrating voice-activated applications onto the Velocity platform.

Industrial Automation

By integrating data from IoT devices with operational technology data, revolutionary automation can be produced.

Industrial Device Management

MDM in the cloud for rugged printers and mobile devices running Android, iOS, and Windows.