Mobile Technology for Energy and Utilities

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Enable Your Field Personnel with Mobile Technology Solutions Driven by Purpose and Vital Information

Find the best mobile technology for energy and utilities companies here at MiTEQ. Utilities and high-performance energy companies require field service personnel equipped with the proper equipment to collect, analyse, and communicate vital data in the most severe environments.

MiTEQ provides an ecosystem of purpose-built, ruggedized mobility solutions to the energy and utilities sector in order to grant field-service technicians access to up-to-date data and real-time guidance via collaborative mobile workflows capable of linking networks of over 10,000 technicians simultaneously.

Our industry-leading mobile technology solutions are available in options designed for use in hazardous environments, have been rigorously tested to meet the most stringent military standards, and adhere to the highest levels of security. These advantages energy, telecommunications, and utility companies by enabling them to meet increased service demands, increase return on investment, and obtain a competitive edge at the front lines of service.

On The Impact of Mobile Technology on the Energy and Utilities Industry

Leverage the prodigious expectations of clientele by applying the knowledge and understanding gained from The Future of Field Operations: An Examination of the Utilities and Energy Sector through 2025

Increase Efficiency Using Utility
Workflows Mobile technology-driven

Producing Petrol and Oil

A smart mobility strategy is necessary for oil and petrol energy companies in order to connect field personnel to vital information both onshore and offshore. Miteq’s field-certified rugged mobility devices, which may be utilised in explosive environments, leverage emerging mobile technologies and faster networks to connect oil and petrol field service personnel to real-time data. This data drives workflows and generates operational efficiencies across various sectors and business groups.

Mine Safety Mitigation Using Rugged HazLoc Mobile Devices

Engaging in labour at perilous mining sites entails intrinsic risks. Mobile devices manufactured by Miteq are designed to reduce operational costs while adhering to the most stringent hazard and risk management standards. Personnel may be furnished with explosive environment-certified products, enclosed within geofenced zones separating inclusion and exclusion, and subject to vigilant oversight and management during both open-pit and subterranean operations.