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Manufacturers require enhanced transparency and adaptability, accelerated cycle times, and improved quality in order to remain competitive in the current market, in addition to ensuring regulatory compliance. In order to enhance operational efficiency, adapt to market dynamics, and gain a competitive edge, MiTEQ’s manufacturing technology solutions empower clients to perceive, comprehend, and execute more.

Makers can place complete trust in the performance of our extensive portfolio of manufacturing plant floor technology solutions, on which Miteq has been the industry leader for over five decades in printing, scanning, RFID reading, locationing, and mobile computing.

Utilise predictive analytics, track and trace solutions, and extensive data capture to increase overall plant floor productivity. Gain access to software platforms that coordinate intelligence and unite processes. The manufacturing plant floor technology solutions from Miteq provide the necessary agility to remain competitive in the present and future markets. More to see. Learn more. Perform more.

Investigate Production Solutions

Management of Quality in Manufacturing

Detect, isolate, and eradicate quality management issues with the assistance of Zebra’s assortment of machine vision solutions, sensor tags, readers, and scanners.

Facility Administration

The facility management solutions provided by Zebra facilitate a reduction in cycle time, an enhancement in device administration, and an expansion of facility visibility.

Manufacturing Tracking and Tracing

Fixed industrial scanners are a component of Zebra’s track and trace solutions; they enable the trace and inspection of every part and package in your manufacturing environment automatically.

Systems for Industrial Controls

Zebra’s cutting-edge industrial control systems facilitate enhanced connectivity and productivity across the environment of your plant floor.


Zebra’s Maintenance Solutions facilitate the timely notification of approaching issues to your personnel, ensuring that maintenance can be executed without causing any disruption to production.


Employ Zebra’s technological solutions throughout the assembly phase to track and trace quality with precision and efficiency at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Line-Side Restocking

Implement Zebra mobile computers to automate the line side replenishment process and ensure an accurate stock of materials at all times.

The incoming procedure

Prevent production process constraints by efficiently and precisely processing materials as they enter the facility by utilising Zebra inbound processing solutions.

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