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Exceptional Selection of Barcode Tags and Labels, Extensively Quality-Assured and Tailored to Your Specific Applications

Barcode labels and tags vary in quality. There are a variety of materials that can be used to create labels and tags, and each has its own characteristics that impact its durability and printer compatibility. Our material science specialists have evaluated and selected the finest materials. This ensures that your labels will adhere to your budget and specifications, produce high-quality prints, and not cause undue harm to your printer.

Check out the Best Industry Solutions

  • Solutions for Retail Price Management Labelling
  • Resources for Manufacturing Product Identification Labelling
  • Solutions for Manufacturing Work in Process Labelling
  • Solutions for Transportation and Logistics Labelling
  • Laboratory Solutions for Labelling

Strict Pre-Testing

We take evaluating our labels very seriously when we say that. Our products are subjected to rigorous testing across a range of printers, encompassing diverse print velocities and darkness configurations, in order to ensure superior print quality and long-lasting performance. In addition, we employ specialised equipment to subject them to rigorous conditions in order to evaluate their resistance to outdoor elements, abrasion, harsh substances, and extreme temperatures. This guarantees that we provide exclusively the most resilient labels, which are certain to fulfil your needs and withstand severe conditions.

Labels of Every Type

MiTEQ guarantees an extensive selection of more than 400 ZipShip paper and synthetic labels and tags, all of which are available for shipment within 24 hours. This ensures that you will always have access to the ideal label and tag for your particular application. Whether you require labels for difficult-to-remove surfaces, tamper-evident materials, or tear-proof solutions, custom designs or options that prioritise compliance, labels for simple paper solutions or those that are synthetic, we offer over 90 material options to meet your specific needs.

Outstanding Quality

MiTEQ takes a different tack than other manufacturers, which prioritise profit over quality by substituting materials, resulting in underperforming labels. To ensure quality consistency and dependability, we implement a 23-point quality inspection process that is ISO 9001-accredited. Moreover, to ensure printer performance is not compromised, we use thermally compatible dyes and varnishes exclusively.