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Models Ranging from Entry-Level to High-End to Meet Any Machine Vision Need

With the most extensive selection of frame capture boards in the industry, MiTEQ has a board for any machine vision application. We offer a wide range of frame grabbers, including boards that incorporate flexible high-rate acquisition and pre-processing capabilities, entry-level models designed for cost-sensitive application requirements, and more. Our variety of inputs, interfaces, and data rates enables you to choose precisely which features you require, with pricing that is adaptable to your needs. A managed lifecycle and robust functionality guarantee dependable drivers, consistent long-term availability, and an unrivalled cost-to-benefit ratio. MiTEQ’s frame grabbers enable the acquisition of data with remarkable precision, thereby providing the capability to make crucial decisions with assurance and assurance.

  • Radient eV-CL Frame Grabber

    Feature-Packed High-Performance Camera Link Frame Grabbers Radient eV-CL are feature-packed high-performance Camera Link frame grabbers with available support for Camera Link cameras at Full and 80-bit modes at up to 85 MHz. Eliminate missed frames…

    Radient eV-CL
  • GevIQ Frame Grabber

    Smart NICs for Efficient High-Bandwidth GigE Vision Acquisition GevIQ smart network interface cards (NICs) are the first in the industry to deliver generic GigE Vision acquisition offload at speeds up to 25 Gigabits/s per port.…

  • Concord PoE Frame Grabber

    Multi-Port Gigabit Ethernet Adaptors With PoE for GigE Vision Concord PoE network interface cards (NICs) are available with two or four Gigabit Ethernet ports, as well as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connectivity that simplifies system configuration. Certain…

    Concord PoE
  • Clarity UHD Frame Grabber

    Multi-Format, Multi-Input UHD Video Capture Card With Optional H.264 Encoding Clarity UHD are multi-facet video capture cards supporting SD, HD, and UHD video formats. Easily hook up and switch between different types of legacy and…

    Clarity UHD
  • Rapixo Series Frame Grabbers

    Multi-Input Frame Grabbers With Optional FPGA Offload Frame grabbers from the Rapixo series are compatible with cameras that have a high resolution and frame rate, which makes them optimal for rigorous machine vision applications. The…

    Rapixo CL Pro, Rapixo CXP