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Fixed assets are essential tools used in the flawless operation of businesses in numerous industries. Examples include computers, tools, office supplies, manufacturing materials, and machines, among others.

However, effectively managing these assets, particularly manual inventory counting, is a time-intensive and complex undertaking. Given how business professionals use the assets, it can take a few hours to several days to complete the process.

The complexity increases significantly when professionals conduct the counting once or twice annually. This inefficiency can lead to errors in tracking fixed assets and their valuation, which might affect an organization’s financial reporting and decision-making practices. As such, it is becoming increasingly unsustainable for future businesses to rely solely on manual asset management.

Today’s business environment is fast-paced where every operation must be streamlined, efficient, and accurate. Organizations must consider simplified, automated solutions to improve their various processes.

Thus, with the current technology, businesses can pivot to technology such as RFID systems and asset tracking software to move from manual inventory counting to a more efficient system of count. The tool enables businesses to track their fixed assets in real-time, providing current statistics on asset location, situation, and usage history. Automating asset management facilitates the business inventory process and fosters overall operational efficiency. The method eliminates human error evident in the manual counting process and provides businesses with current data on their fixed assets.

Bluetooth Low Energy technology helps Miteq to rethink physical asset tracking solutions and transform them from outdated manual processes to real-time visibility into the organization’s inventory stocks.

It enables enterprises to scan and monitor assets on the floor through their smartphone cameras. The solution automates the inventory monitoring process and ensures that there is no risk of stockouts or over-counts. Additionally, with this technology, businesses minimize the menace of misplaced things.

The solution is not only efficient in inventory monitoring and management but also cost-effective. It ensures that the business processes are executed without wasting time and other resources.

Most importantly, Miteq using BLE technology makes businesses think beyond their capacities regarding inventory management and control. Miteq’s solution transforms all physical assets on the organization floor into smart sensors. It helps the enterprise to make data-driven decisions based on the real inventory data that is updated regularly. Marketable and non-marketable organizations should grasp this opportunity.


The IntelliTrack Platform has revolutionized how we manage our physical inventory. Miteq, working with Barcoding, Inc., achieves operational excellence in record time and drives efficiency. With the power of BLE technology, Miteq changes traditional physical assets to smart sensors continuously generating valuable data. This helps the enterprise keep track of its assets more meticulously and make real-time decisions informed by data.

IntelliTrack improves the tracking processes and overall asset management and ensures you have all data at your fingertips from asset location to asset status to asset use. Miteq combining its cutting-edge technology with the support of innovator Barcoding Inc services will ensure your asset tracking workload is integrated, optimized, and flawless. Be among the first to see the IntelliTrack platform in action and learn how it can help drive the operational agenda and improve efficiency in asset management for your business. More updates on Miteq applying BLE technology to transform the enterprise asset tracking landscape and using the IntelliTrack platform will be coming to your way soon.