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Provide a Personalised Guest Experience

The primary objectives of Miteq’s hospitality technology solutions are to optimise service delivery, elevate operational efficiency, and augment the overall visitor experience. Because great hospitality occurs at each touchpoint, equip your establishment with mobile payment and ordering capabilities, food safety tracking, inventory management, and staff communication technologies in order to deliver exceptional, individualised service. This is true whether you operate a hotel, quick-service restaurant, or entertainment venue.

Ensure that food and beverage operations are optimised to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

To ensure an exceptional guest experience, it is imperative that you adhere to rigorous standards, properly label packaged foods, and possess mobile ordering and payment functionalities. Miteq’s solutions designed specifically for food and beverage operations enable you to deliver the ultimate experience by facilitating the creation of more intelligent environments that provide visibility into every aspect of your business.

Designs Driven by Purpose that Boost Productivity and Customise The service

Enable your hospitality personnel to provide exceptional guest service through the use of technology that encourages customer loyalty and positive feedback. The utilisation of Miteq’s hospitality mobile PCs and smartphones empowers frontline personnel to deliver exceptional service and respond promptly to inquiries at each touchpoint.

Inventory in Real-Time Facilitates Genuine Guest Satisfaction

Enhance operational efficiency and productivity by monitoring the movement of goods and services in real time and catering to guests’ requirements effectively. With Miteq’s inventory tracking technology, you can see everything in motion and act swiftly, regardless of whether you are in the banquet hall, the kitchen, or a room; this provides your staff with a competitive advantage.

Prioritise Your Guest in Order to Establish a Durable Relationship

Fastest method to increase repeat visits and brand loyalty is to provide guests with a customised experience that rewards and safeguards them. Miteq’s scanning, mobile payment, and on-demand access card printing technology establishes a connection with visitors and provides an unforgettable experience that everyone desires to partake in.

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Miteq’s QSR software can enable you to increase inventory counts, scan guest loyalty apps, decrease wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

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Printing of Loyalty and Access Cards

The card printing solutions provided by Miteq enable the production of room access keys, VIP badges, loyalty, membership, and gift cards in a timely and as-needed manner.

Management of Restaurant and Hotel Inventory

Monitor and trace the whereabouts of assets and inventory with the assistance of Miteq’s restaurant and hotel inventory management solutions in order to remain organised and vigilant.

Hospitality Communication Solutions

You can equip your hospitality personnel with mobile computers and smartphones to engage in real-time communications with the assistance of Miteq’s Hospitality Communication Solutions.


Allocate resources more effectively, ensure compliance, and improve forecast precision and accuracy to increase sales, margins, and the customer experience.

Labels for Food and Beverages

Maintain the safety of your patrons with food labelling solutions for hotels, restaurants, and more. Local regulations for direct and indirect food contact are adhered to by our labels.

Food Safety Remedy

Food safety software and hardware ensure the health and safety of your patrons and allow you to automate food safety processes, thereby decreasing the likelihood of foodborne illness transmission.

Point-of-Sale and Ordering via Mobile

Mobile point-of-sale (POS) and ordering devices have the potential to boost restaurant revenue, employee morale, and client satisfaction.