Vehicle Mounted Rugged Computers

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For Immaculate Fulfilment, Optimise Warehouse Efficiency with High-Performance Vehicle-Mounted Rugged Computers

Leverage the productivity of your front-line employees with the assistance of MiTEQ’s ultra-rugged vehicle-mounted computers. Our computers, which are constructed to be mounted on material handling equipment, are resistant to shocks, vibrations, cold chains, and active yard environments, among other things. Vehicle mount computers are constructed to endure dust and precipitation exposure, ensuring dependable operation even in the most challenging environmental circumstances. Furthermore, in industrial environments that require even greater adaptability and durability, quick-mount computers mounted on trucks and forklifts are designed to operate efficiently in harsh conditions, making them ideal for use in such environments. Furthermore, the integration of vehicle-mounted computers into order pickers, forklifts, tuggers, and other industrial vehicles not only improves the operational efficiency of warehouse environments but also enhances the mobility of your team by providing real-time data. Make it possible for your employees to complete orders more quickly without compromising precision by utilising our selection of industry-ready computers.

  • VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer

    The Ultimate Ultra-Rugged Design The ultimate ultra-rugged Android™ touch vehicle computer for the most extreme environments.

    VC8300 8-Inch, VC8300 10-Inch