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High-Fidelity 3D Profile Sensors

The dual-camera, single-laser design of AltiZ high-fidelity 3D profile sensors significantly reduces scanning gaps and provides exceptionally high 3D reproduction fidelity. Sophisticated algorithms operating internally the sensor produce dependable three-dimensional data in the form of point clouds, depth maps, or individual profiles. A variety of vision software can be utilised directly by users via a standard GigE Vision interface.

Benefits of the AltiZ

High-Fidelity 3D Scanning

AltiZ 3D profile sensors minimise scanning gaps and cavities through the use of a dual-camera, single-laser configuration. Produce accurate three-dimensional data, such as point clouds, depth maps, or profiles, to fulfil the specifications of any given application.

Intuitive Operation and Setup

Two cameras function in conjunction or rotation: one provides the highest quality of reproduction, while the other offers twice the scanning speed. A supported software application incorporates an interactive setup utility that enables users to configure and test acquisition from an AltiZ.

Flexible I/Os and Mounting Options

Advantage of a GigE Vision interface that is standard for use with Zebra and other third-party vision applications. Multiple 3D sensors are synchronised by incremental encoders in order to scan larger surfaces or objects. Attaching IP67-rated AltiZ to gantries or robotics is possible.