Single-Plane Scanners and Multi-Plane Scanners

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Bust Lines with Next-Generation POS Scanning

Meet the demands of even your highest volume traffic with Zebra’s single-plane and multi-plane scanners. Choose from on-counter or in-counter devices and enjoy rapid insights into check-out data at the retail point of sale. POS scanners can help simplify the sales process and reduce errors. Using advanced barcode scanning technology, retail and grocery scanners can quickly and accurately scan product information and help stores streamline their operations. With numerous built-in features, you can take your scanning performance to the next level, boosting employee efficiency and productivity and accelerating checkout times.

  • DS7708 Vertical 1D/2D Scanner

    Swipe-and-Go Scanning Simplicity Ideal for medium- to high-volume traditional POS lanes.

    DS7708 Single-Plane Scanner
  • MP7000 Grocery Scanner Scale

    Unsurpassed Checkout Experience in the Busiest Stores Bust lines with the next-generation POS scanning, colour camera imaging, and live video.

  • SP72 Series Single-Plane Scanner

    High Performance In-Counter and On-Counter Scanning Ideal for medium- to high-volume traditional or self-checkout POS lanes.

    SP72-H (Horizontal), SP72-V (Vertical)