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Transportation and Logistics Solutions: Facilitating the Success of Supply Chain Operations

The pressures on transport and logistics companies to have the best transportation and logistics technology are greater than ever in the modern era. Compliance is complex, personnel are overworked and under pressure, and clients demand immediate service and information. Fortunately, MiTEQ provides you with unparalleled visibility into all facets of your operation, enabling you to make more informed and intelligent decisions while ensuring faultless fulfilment.

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Yard Administration

Increase throughput and decrease wait times by identifying, prioritising, and monitoring the whereabouts of every trailer and container in your yard using real-time locationing.

Personnel Relations

Enable your personnel to utilise dependable, durable voice and data communication devices that foster secure and effective workflows while enhancing productivity.

Facility and Asset Management

Constantly monitor and trace the location and maintenance of assets and equipment in order to proactively maintain efficient operations.

Fleet Administration

Maintain your fleet’s mobility through proactive maintenance, route optimisation, and compliance checks by ensuring that all of your personnel and assets are linked.

Proof of Delivery and Pickup

Ensure precise transfer of custody throughout the pick-up and delivery processes by utilising mobile receipt capabilities and electronic signature capture.

Courier and Postal

Transparency for your clientele throughout the entire process, from parcel pickup to delivery, guarantees that the correct item is delivered to the intended recipient in a timely manner and without fault.

Management of the Cold Chain

Function in subzero temperatures using our solution that is freezer-compliant.

Reverse Logistics

Maintain a constant log of assets as they traverse the reverse supply chain in order to promptly receive, assign a resolution, and restock inventory.


Shipping increases precision and optimisation while eliminating the need for manual loading verification procedures.

Cross Docking

Cross Docking For efficient and timely deliveries, ensure packages and skids are loaded onto the correct vehicle and in the correct order.

Staging and Packing

Offer your employees a hands-free setting so they can maintain focus on their work and the line’s progression.

Voice-Activated and Multi-Modal Picking

The multi-modal and voice-directed picking technology developed by Miteq increases productivity and accuracy while streamlining the picking process.

Materials and Inventory Management

Gaining knowledge of the present state and whereabouts of every asset will increase efficacy in cycle counting and productivity.

Replenishing and Put-Away

Ensure accounts receivable are positioned appropriately to facilitate inventory turn analysis, efficient picking, and the prevention of missed sales.