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Provide a Personalised Guest Experience

Hospitals and care homes technology solutions from MiTEQ are to optimise service delivery, elevate operational efficiency, and augment the overall visitor experience. Because great hospitality occurs at each touchpoint, equip your establishment with mobile payment and ordering capabilities, food safety tracking, inventory management, and staff communication technologies in order to deliver exceptional, individualised service. This is true whether you operate a hotel, quick-service restaurant, or entertainment venue.

Admissions and Positive Patient Identification for Healthcare Technology Solutions

Patient identification solutions from Miteq reduce the occurrence of errors by facilitating access to vital patient data throughout the care process.

The Point of Bedside Care

Miteq’s mobile devices and printers facilitate the accurate labelling of specimens by healthcare professionals at the bedside, ensuring patient-specific identification.

Lab Management

Lab Management Miteq’s printers, barcode scanners, and specimen labels enhance laboratory management through improved specimen identification and monitoring throughout the testing process.

Medication Administration

Barcode medication administration can require a significant investment of time. The solutions provided by Miteq empower nurses to guarantee that the appropriate medication is administered to the designated patient at the designated time.

Pharmacy Administration

The software, barcode scanners, and pharmacy label printers from Miteq can enhance dispensing precision and pharmacy administration.

Covid-19 Response to the Pandemic

Our enduring, perpetually operational hardware portfolio safeguards personnel and patients while facilitating the automation of testing processes and supporting care delivery in transient facilities.

Continual Collaboration in Clinical

From the patient’s perspective, Miteq’s Clinical Collaboration Solutions facilitate instantaneous connections with colleagues, necessary information, and applications.

Patient Tracking

Miteq’s Patient Tracking Solutions furnish up-to-the-minute patient flow data to facilitate more informed decision-making throughout the entirety of the patient’s care trajectory.

Staff Tracking

Staff Monitoring Is Enhanced Utilising real-time staff tracking technology to eliminate workflow constraints improves employee satisfaction, productivity, and safety.

Asset Monitoring and Inventory Control in a Hospital

Critical medical assets are equipped with tags and sensors as part of Miteq’s hospital monitoring and inventory management system, which provides real-time visibility into each item.

Non-Acute Care

Zebra’s Non Acute Healthcare Solutions help improve patient safety and clinical workflows in Ambulatory Surgery Centers to deliver a better patient experience.