Your office infrastructure, exactly where and when you want it.

A Falcona powered mobile workstation equips your team with everything they need to work productively at any location.

Improved efficiency = increased productivity


Complete different tasks at the same workstation.

Save time

Recover wasted journey time on trips between locations.


Stay focused and reduce errors with minimal distraction.

Battery life

Enough on-board battery power for an 8-hour shift.

Everything you need on-board

Our carts are independently powered, configurable to different tasks, and designed by people who understand how to improve your work processes.
The simple step of giving mobile workstations to your team can improve your bottom line.

Key benefits of Mobile Workstations

Our workstations are packed with innovative solutions so your team stays focused, organised, and productive.

HDF & Rugged Carts

From our customisable, steel frame rugged range (MPS) to our ready to go HDF workstations (MWS), our mobile carts are easy to set up, quick to deploy and equipped with on-board power to provide the freedom to work where needed.