Community Engagement

Community is at the heart of everything that MiTEQ do.  Whether nurturing local youngsters to undertake apprenticeship schemes or raising much needed funds for local charities, the team are involved in making sure the impact of MiTEQ is positive in the local area.

#Giveback encompasses MiTEQ’s charitable activities, which currently include working with Childrens Hospice Southwest ( to help offer comfort to families using the hospice facilities and support the incredible care team.

MiTEQ have help to form a symbiotic partnership between Childrens Hospice Southwest and Pete Lewin Newfoundland’s (  Carers and family members have benefitted from taking part in emotional support open water swims with these extraordinary dogs, giving a calm space to be able to process emotions.

Future support includes a Teen Sibling event at an outdoor pursuit venue and a session for Dad’s to connect, making sure that the whole family are being given the opportunity to work through the life changing circumstances of losing a child.

Watch this space for team fund raising challenges!

MiTEQ team members are encouraged to suggest causes which are close to their hearts including sponsoring team shirts for a local girl’s rugby tour, supporting a local golf club captains annual fund-raising activities, offering assistance to a charity dedicated to supplying kit for extra curricular activities and supplying raffle prizes to raise much needed funds for local sports teams.