Power your job performance and career aspirations to their highest level with rugged, purpose-built Zebra tablets. Perfectly matched and personally customised, Zebra tablets are tough, far-reaching, high achieving and uniquely defined by you so you can work your way.

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Tough is Easy. Tailored is Critical.

Purpose-built to Work Your Way

Power your career with a Zebra rugged tablet that’s personally tailored for whatever your workday requires. Add a keyboard, extra battery, or even a scanner—everything you need to perform to your own high standards. Operate on familiar and easy-to-use Windows or Android OS’s, with virtually anywhere connectivity. Your choices are endless.

Rugged, Resilient Performance

Far superior to consumer-grade, a Zebra rugged tablet goes wherever you need to go, and performs exceptionally in whatever tough conditions you encounter. Sling it over your shoulder. Take it with you indoors, outdoors, through drops, dust, downpours, extreme heat and freezing temps. Zebra’s rugged tablets are built for hardened performance inside and out.

Unrivalled Support

With a Zebra rugged tablet, your workday and career are powered by the global market leader in rugged mobile technology. Get ahead and stay there with a tablet that highly secure, fully configurable, simple to deploy, and quick to contribute. And you’re fully supported by Zebra’s world-class service and continuous research and development to power your best work now and far into the future.

Tablet Products

  • ET8x Series

    Mobile Tablets – ET8x Series The dependable 2-in-1 tablets designed for the employees upon whom the entire world depends. They are sleek and durable, allowing them to function in any environment that utilises advanced wireless…

    ET8x Series of Mobile Tablets

  • L10 Series

    Mobile Tablets – L10 Series The L10 Series of Mobile Tablets offers mobile workers a range of options, including a slate tablet (XSlate), a tablet with a rigid handle and integrated barcode reader (XPad), or…

    L10 Series of Mobile Tablets

  • ET6x Series

    ET6x Series Leverage productivity and operational efficiency with the cellular enterprise tablets ET60 Wi-Fi and ET65 Wi-Fi, which offer an expanded array of capabilities, enhanced power, heightened security measures, increased resilience, and increased versatility.

    ET6x Series of Mobile Tablets

  • ET5x Series

    ET5x Series of Mobile Tablets A lightweight and durable business tablet, operating on either Windows 10 or Android, that can be modified for virtually any task, whether performed indoors or outdoors. An 8-inch or 10-inch…

    ET5x Series of Mobile Tablets

  • ET4x-HC Series

    Mobile Tablets from MiTEQ – The ET4x Series Although consumer-grade tablets may appear economical, their performance in the healthcare sector is compromised in terms of cost and safety. The rugged ET4x-HC Series is the optimal…

    ET4x-HC Series of Mobile Tablets

  • ET4x Series

    The perfect replacement to consumer-grade tablets — the ET40/ET45 enterprise rugged tablets. You get everything your workers need to do business better and faster right out of the box, in a durable device built to…