A Welcomed Break – May Bank Holiday Weekend

Time seems to fly when you’re a young, ambitious RTLS and asset management solutions provider. We spend a lot of time reflecting on the technology – and for those looking for those kinds of updates, take a look at our website blogs – but this week, we’re switching things up with a recap on our May Bank Holiday weekend (the team was…busy).

It’s almost been a year since the MiTEQ team joined forces to deliver cutting-edge enterprise mobility solutions to medium and large-scale businesses – across a complete spectrum of sectors. We feel privileged to have worked with the noteworthy names that we have. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made in achieving new partner statuses with Zebra Technologies, consolidating exciting new partnerships with the likes of NiceLabel, NetMotion, Ivanti Wavelink and more, and building out our specialisms in areas such as picking-and-packing, yard management, and in-store audience measurement. Nonetheless, having put our all into delivering best-in-class solutions for our customers, the May Bank Holiday proved a perfect opportunity to recoup some energy, do something different, and return to work feeling refreshed – after a weekend of wild adventuring.

Our WhatsApp chat boasted an eclectic mix of photos, from whiskey-drinking and “unicorn” riding to theme parks, mountaineering, home DIY projects and gluts of tasty treats (we’re still working out what top-middle was listed as on the menu, as it’s not something many of the team had experienced before).

Returning To The Office

With Peppa Pig World behind us, our return to the office was met with surprising enthusiasm. The coffee machine was dusted off, headsets were reinstated, and Team calls were welcomed again.

As we look forward to the next few months, we’d like to welcome conversations with leaders in IT and Operations across sectors such as Healthcare, Public Transportation, Bluelights, Logistics and Field Services. Some fascinating technologies are emerging within these areas, and we’d love to help you explore the opportunities out there and how they can be integrated into your existing systems.

Who Can I Speak To About Digital Transformation?

MiTEQ is helping business leaders simplify their adoption of modern technology by working alongside experienced innovation experts, technology providers, and asset management specialists to deliver RTLS and asset management solutions.

If you want to explore intelligent inventory management systems, picking and packing solutions, device refreshes, repairs, swaps or more, contact info@miteq.co.uk or visit our Contact Us page.

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