Enterprise Mobility Technology: What MiTEQ Aspires to be

The Convenience of Existing Mobile Technology Solutions

Instead of asking ourselves, ‘Is it worthwhile renewing our existing enterprise mobility technology estates?’, why aren’t we asking whether it’s worthwhile for them to focus more on implementing superior technology solutions in specific areas? For the last decade, the answer has been a matter of convenience: The information has always been available, but it has not always been made readily accessible to customers to enable continuous innovation for maximum impact and value. With the help of MiTEQ, that is about to change.

There is already a massive community of experts working with organisations to reduce their costs, increase their efficiency and provide them with great technological solutions; having worked in this space for almost 20 years, I know it all too well. Much of this process involves an initial leap towards progressive technology, followed by a significant return from automating and smaller gains over the years as technology improves. The marketplace has been focused on ‘refreshing’ technology. What is missing within the current market is the oversight to consider bolder cost-saving and value-enhancing technological leaps alongside optimising the technology already present within an organisation. MiTEQ seeks to answer the question: ‘How can we provide business leaders with the technological information and understanding to enable worthwhile change?’; the answer is, and will continue to be, ‘transparency’.

MiTEQ: Optimising Technology with Greater Transparency

MiTEQ will complement existing mobile technology solution providers in enabling businesses to renew and improve their existing tech in specific areas rather than wholesale changes – after all; most companies will be looking to supplement a portfolio of solutions they already have – then, on top of this, we will enable businesses to consider new mobility technology and the ways it can be integrated within their existing supply chains to create the best return, at speed, with the least amount of disruption. The goal is to provide businesses with continuous sight of what is available. We can provide you with a network of industry-leading contacts (including an introduction to MiTEQ Conneqt), a combination of technological solutions that you and other business leaders will be guided through to maximise effectiveness, and a means of ensuring hardware, software – and all that bridges between the two – are constantly evolving to create superior value for your business. We bring newfound transparency to technology solutions while working in true partnership with customers and specialist practitioners to achieve outstanding business results.

What Are My Aspirations for MiTEQ?

I view MiTEQ as an opportunity to create a new type of solution provider: one that is more focused on a smaller amount of areas (MiTEQ’s solutions: Conneqt, Applications, Communications, End-to-End Support) and specialised in providing tailored products and services for each of them. Right now, we have a chance to modernise supply chains for businesses across the board, whether that’s through improving barcode scanning with RFID (Radio-frequency identification), complementing wearable technology with the instalment of HUD (heads-up display) tech, creating greater visibility of assets using RTLS (Real-time location services) into your daily workflow of inventory management, or just providing the platform that allows you to track something you had constantly been tracking but could not visualise, there is a surplus of opportunities and a need for organisations like MiTEQ to ensure they are utilised. We want to be at the forefront of your change and innovation – or at least be the experts in areas where change occurs – leading you towards something innovative and worthwhile for your business. The vision is for MiTEQ to become a profitable, award-winning, people-centric technology provider surrounded by a community of partners and experts who are committed and excited about enabling change.

Ultimately, I want MiTEQ to accomplish all of those feats, be recognised as a leader and expert in its field, create a network of unique, talented individuals that drive value for customers and support experts in our industry with the change that they want to enable, all while being a great organisation to partner with and work within. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that I genuinely believe in. We cannot forget that it must be enjoyable for us too! We intend to celebrate success, analyse and adapt where we don’t quite hit the mark, and continue to support each other during change.

Who Do I Envision MiTEQ Working With?

We want to hear from organisations that are looking for continuous improvement and are focused on working to support and develop the journey of their customers, employees, and local community while realising their technological aspirations. Whether you’re reaching out as a prospective customer, supplier or partner, we invite you to reach out to a team member – you never know where we might be able to help.

Your Vision. Our Solution.

Alex Whiting, Managing Director of MiTEQ

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