Get To Know Annie Wilson: MiTEQ Business Development Consultant

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Annie Wilson recently joined the MiTEQ team as a Business Development Consultant.

Having been in the enterprise mobility space for more than 20 years – working with manufacturers, value-added resellers, and, before joining the team, running her own business supporting the everyday management of mobile devices – Annie has garnered a wealth of experience across almost every vertical, predominantly focusing on Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics, and Field Services.

We spent an hour chatting with Annie, learning about her role at MiTEQ, and exploring how she will add value to MiTEQ’s budding ecosystem of customers, partners and employees.

1) “I am here to help!”

2) Helping Businesses To Be More Efficient

3) Holidays, Karaoke, And Breaking Bad

4) MiTEQ’s “All-Hands-On-Deck” Culture

5) Dinner With Three People, Dead Or Alive…

“I am here to help!”

“My role involves advising customers on the benefits of using technology in the workplace. I advise on best-in-class hardware, software, and connectivity solutions to give customers real-time visibility of asset locations, statuses, and performance.

Often, new customers reach out when things start to go wrong with their existing systems; this contributes to the “problem-solving” aspect of what I do. The good news is, helping businesses resolve everyday problems or nuisances – while providing a high level of customer service – can be the best way to build rapport and progress towards more strategic conversations.”

Helping Businesses To Be More Efficient

“I have always been comfortable in Manufacturing and Supply Chain environments, which remain areas most in need of transformation. I would love to help more of these businesses reduce waste, generate new efficiencies, and embrace more creative (and dynamic) ways of executing day-to-day tasks.

Having worked as a healthcare assistant in the past, I would also like to work with more healthcare facilities – improving patient experiences and the day-to-day lives of nurses and patients.”

Holidays, Karaoke, And Breaking Bad

“As a family, we love our holidays and try to get away as often a year as possible.

When not working through the best European ski resorts, I sing karaoke and binge-watch Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and true crime documentaries (or Gavin and Stacey).”

MiTEQ’s “All-Hands-On-Deck” Culture

“As a start-up, MiTEQ has an “all-hands-on-deck culture”, and with this comes the flexibility to master your destiny. I have the autonomy to define my role and am trusted to make decisions that I feel are in my customers’ best interests.

The team is friendly, helpful and flexible. I laugh every day and enjoy coming to work.

Dinner With Three People, Dead Or Alive…

“If I were eating dinner with three people, dead or alive, I would choose…

1. My dad – firstly, he will pay; secondly, his non-judgemental advice is always appreciated, personally and professionally.

2. Nostradamus – I would be intrigued by his future predictions, and I am curious what he would predict for me.

3. JK Rowling – I am in awe of the Harry Potter books and blown away by this lady’s imagination! I bet she would be absorbing to eat dinner with.

MiTEQ: Asset Tracking, Management, & Mobility Specialists

MiTEQ‘s experts have delivered enterprise mobility solutions to industries like Healthcare, Transportation, Logistics, and Field Services for decades. We can help you digitise inventory management systems, improve asset visibility, and realise new efficiencies cost-effectively.

We welcome you to reach out if you have project aspirations that can be recognised with the help and support of our team.

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