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The MiTEQ Wasteless Advantage

In addition to enhanced durability and prolonged card life, MiTEQ laminates provide consumers with a number of additional benefits. The linerless media, single core, and absence of carrier in MiTEQ’s patented wasteless laminate design eliminates over fifty percent of waste compared to competing laminates. Moreover, MiTEQ’s wasteless laminates provide customers with a larger roll capacity and effortless loading and unloading processes, thereby conserving both time and money. Our laminates furnish the most cost-effective cost-per-card in the industry, with reductions exceeding 30 percent in comparison to our competitors. Other advantages consist of:

  • Preventing the forgery, modification, and duplication of cards
  • Prevention of fading, migration of dyes, and typical deterioration caused by handling and swiping
  • Available customised laminates incorporate overt, covert, and forensic characteristics.

Additional Resources

Security Laminates

Security Laminates (Overt – Level 1 Security)

Increase security with the aid of cutting-edge card laminates that incorporate perceptible security features.

Security Laminates (Covert – Level 2 Security)

Organisations that place significant emphasis on security measures rely on these card laminates, which offer security functionalities that necessitate the use of a device to decipher the micro or concealed text.

Clear Laminate

Clear 1.0 micron card laminates from MiTEQ are linerless and carrier-based, protecting the printed images, text, and barcodes from frequent card use.

Stock Holographic Laminate

Holographic stock laminates from MiTEQ are available in five distinct patterns, including Safe, Lock, Eagle, World Globe, and Safe 2. These laminates feature overt, covert, and forensic security features.

Custom Holographic Laminate

Customisable with your designs, MiTEQ’s holographic laminates provide overt, covert, and forensic security functions.