Card Printer Ribbons

Deliver Vibrant Barcodes and Text

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Three Main Benefits

Card printer ribbons from Zebra True Colours® produce IDs of superior quality and prolong the life of your printers and cards.

  • Vivid hues, “lifelike” tones of flesh, and distinct barcodes and text.
  • Print ribbon technology that is patented ensures minimal printhead accumulation and long-lasting cards.
  • Intelligent RFID technology at the forefront of automation for ribbon detection, driver configuration, and more

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Monochrome Ribbons

Using thermal printer ribbon technology, Zebra True Colours I Series and C Series monochrome ribbons produce the most vivid barcodes and text. Compatible with every Zebra card printer.

Multi-Panel Card Printer Ribbons

Utilise a multi-panel thermal transfer ribbon that features the most recent in dye-sublimation technology to optimise the performance of a colour card printer; the result will be precise, long-lasting prints.

ZXP Series 3 Load-N-Go Ribbons

The ZXP 3 Load-N-Go cartridges facilitate ribbon loading and replacement. Intelligent media technology is employed to facilitate automatic ribbon detection and optimise imaging. ZXP Series 3 ribbons are available in monochrome and multi-panel configurations, in addition to standard and high-capacity varieties.

ZXP Series 1 Load-N-Go Ribbons

Intelligent media technology powers the user-friendly ZXP 1 ribbon Load-N-Go ribbon cartridges, enabling automatic detection of ribbons, optimised imaging, and a low ribbon warning.