PVC and PVC Plastic Cards

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Our PVC and Composite PVC Plastic Cards Ensure ISO Compliance

  • Achieve exceptional image sharpness for vibrant colours and precise barcodes.
  • Minimize card printer wear and tear, leading to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Incorporate advanced security features like embedded holograms and custom designs.
  • Explore smart-card alternatives, including contact and contactless smart cards or magnetic striped cards.

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Superior PVC

Opt for Premier PVC cards for long-lasting and durable plastic cards. Select from various customizable card options tailored to your specific needs.

Premier Plus PVC Compositae

Premier Plus PVC plastic cards boast a high-durability composite polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a polyester core, ensuring exceptional durability for laminated cards with heightened security features.

UHF Gen 2 RFID Cards

With a patented antenna design and Monza® 4QT chip, this passive RFID smart card provides heightened sensitivity for improved read rates.

Premier Security Features

PVC and Composite PVC cards, tailored with customized security features to suit your precise requirements, can be obtained through special order.