Haulage Businesses: Optimise Mobile Connectivity While Minimising Driver Downtime

Covid-19 saw an exponential rise in the number of employees working remotely. While this change posed a new challenge to many sectors, Haulage and Transportation businesses simply saw additional strain being placed on existing mobile and remote working solutions. As the goods delivery businesses are forced to accelerate digitisation and rapidly scale technologies to enable workers to do more with less, mobile devices and broader connectivity solutions are becoming a critical ingredients for success.

In this blog, we will explore critical ways Haulage and Transportation businesses can use modern technologies to improve mobile connectivity while minimising driver downtime:

1) Optimised Android Enterprise Devices

2) Secure And Persistent Network Connectivity

3) Granular Visibility Of Mobile Device Activity

4) Working Alongside Trusted Mobility Experts

Optimised Android Enterprise Devices

Consumer-grade devices have a part to play regarding cost-efficacy; however, it’s worth remembering that they are fundamentally made for “talking, texting and playing – not professional use”. MiTEQ takes pride in championing the delivery of specialist enterprise devices, such as those designed and manufactured by industry-leading mobility specialists, Zebra Technologies. As customers shift their thinking away from “total cost of ownership” and towards “total cost of benefits”, we see that purpose-built, highly customisable Android Enterprise devices are hugely advantageous for optimising user experiences, workforce productivity and overall profitability.

On top of these factors, customers using Android Enterprise devices can also benefit from:

1. Rugged reliability in enduring environments

2. Unparalleled customisation and management control

3. Ability to maintain peak performance levels all day long

4. Longer lifecycles

5. Environmentally sustainable designs.

The next time your business is weighing up the deployment or refreshment of mobile devices have a chat with the MiTEQ team to see where we can help.

Secure And Persistent Network Connectivity

Reinforcing your choice of physical devices, we can support device connectivity with a combination of unsteered multi-network SIMs and fast traffic optimisation tools – currently being used by one of the world’s largest food distributors and saving end-users an average of 22 minutes a day in log-ins, log-outs, signal drops and disconnects. Within haulage and transportation businesses, these solutions speed up administrative tasks at customer locations, improve drivers’ access to navigation tools and task-critical applications, and protect sensitive data during transfer between mobile workforces and central management systems.

If you want to discuss these solutions with a team member, click the link below, and we will reach out accordingly.

Granular Visibility Of Mobile Device Activity

Within the four walls, most businesses have apt sight of device activity; however, outside of the four walls, many organisations lack visibility regarding experience monitoring, compliance and network connectivity.

Below are a few of the questions we can enable your IT and Operational teams to answer in real-time:

  1. Where are my devices, and how are they performing?
  2. Who is using my devices, and what information are they using them to access?
  3. Are they using devices efficiently, safely, securely and compliantly?

With this information, you can set new user policies and improve tasks such as route planning, connectivity mapping and data management. We can explain how these systems work during a free virtual demo. Just visit our Contact Us page.

Working Alongside Trusted Mobility Experts

MiTEQ is helping business leaders simplify their adoption of modern technologies by working alongside experienced innovation experts, technology providers, and asset management specialists.

If you’re hoping to explore ways of improving your mobile device estate – or management of said devices – MiTEQ can help with everything from initial consultancy and deployment to maintenance, support, and repair. We appreciate that these are important decisions for your business and will give you our complete focus while helping you realise your vision.

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