How We Deliver Nationwide IT Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Repurchase Support to Our Customers

Right now, businesses have to battle the daily challenges posed by COVID-19 and its surrounding restrictions, as well as the pains of current topical affairs like Brexit, to deliver their goods and services. While customer-facing functions continue to be praised by the public for overcoming adversity, teams working on the frontline behind the scenes deserve more recognition than they receive.

MiTEQ recently announced an exciting new partnership with J Brand. J Brand are part of the backbone that enables MiTEQ to provide digitally transformative solutions. They enable nationwide installation, repair, maintenance and support for every one of our valued customers.

On the surface, you might see our technologists striving to rollout enterprise mobility solutions with complete simplicity – keeping business leaders informed and engaged while handling the full end-to-end sourcing and integration of technologies – but behind the scenes, it is organisations like J Brand that are enabling us to execute on our promise to consider whole-life asset management and the ongoing support of customers. J Brand will allow us to make innovation feel simple and seamless and give our technologists more time to focus on their specialities: marrying the right technological solutions to transform business supply chains and resolve business pain points.

This blog is intended to thank companies like J Brand for jumping through rings of fire to support our proposition throughout this period. The MiTEQ team feels proud to be able to continue supplying businesses with cutting-edge asset management and tracking technologies. Whether through Zebra’s tracking, scanning and printing technologies, NiceLabel’s unified labelling system, or Pangea and Netmotion‘s connectivity solutions, we feel equipped with the perfect toolbox to solve any supply chain challenge. We welcome business leaders to reach out if you want to adopt or evolve your business’s use of technologies.

The History and Values of J Brand

J Brand’s expertise is best understood through a brief divulgence into their heritage. They were initially set up 1933 as an electrical contracting and repair business. Having played a role in pioneering data communications throughout the 1970s, J Brand has since diversified and innovated to accommodate multi-site installations spanning thousands of locations simultaneously. From there, J Brand expanded its team of in-house engineers to guarantee an overall quality of service that is consistent, dependable, and reliable for our customers.

Much like MiTEQ’s mission, J Brand has always centred its brand around listening. So, from the initial step of querying solutions and deciding on the right technologies to integrate within your supply chain to rolling out solutions while ensuring a complete framework of support to help manage them, we feel confident that J Brand will continue to help us deliver innovative technological solutions with a backstop of exceptional support to reaffirm added value.

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