Ivanti Velocity

Transform the Mobile Workforce Experience

The single framework for accelerating mobile workflows on your journey to operational excellence.

Empowering workers across evolving use cases

Sure, Ivanti Velocity optimises telnet and web applications, but also helps operations gain operational insights, integrate peripheral technologies and deploy automation – including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

Improve worker productivity

Gain operational insights to discover latency in your operations, then optimise workflows, handle exceptions, and introduce automation for improved productivity.

Integrate new operational technologies

The Velocity platform makes it easy to expand your operational tech stack. It’s easy to add voice-directed tasks, or explore other emerging technologies, all while preserving your existing enterprise systems.

Protect your enterprise application investment

Velocity interfaces to your existing enterprise applications without the need to migrate or modify the host application.

Modernize telnet & web apps

Bring existing host apps to Android, iOS and Windows10 devices, easily, with minimal IT resources or risk.

Intuitive implementations

Low/No code deployments reduce risk and investment while accelerating task workflows.

Simplified experience

Transform the worker experience with optimized apps and automation that helps them accomplish tasks.

Visual interaction

Add images for visual picking confirmation, or upload photos to host systems for proof of condition reports.

Dynamic apps

Application screens dynamically adjust to different screen sizes, so users get a common experience across devices.

SAP Certified Platform

Bring SAP S/4HANA apps to the latest Android, iOS, and Windows devices for a powerful industrial browser experience.

How will you measure success?

Velocity customers have successfully reduced new worker training times by 66%, cut 12 seconds off each item pick, and reduced order accuracy errors by 86%. We help customers move faster, increase their Perfect Order Rate, and boost customer satisfaction.