Reduce The Strain On Your Ambulatory Service Staff While Improving Speed & Quality Of Care

Emergency services are constantly having to focus on delivering rapid speed of care, as well as an impeccable quality of care. As a service continuously operating at total capacity, finding ways to improve how information is processed, shared, and acted upon is an essential way to solve clinical problems with incredible speed and efficiency. It also gives clinicians more time to focus on their respective specialties.

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To put this into perspective (the strain on emergency services right now), the likes of West Midlands Ambulance Service recently recorded their busiest day for callouts, and despite being one of the best-performing operators in the country, were having to stretch close to 500 ambulatory vehicles across over 5,300 calls. The longest wait time for a patient sat at a staggering five hours. With this in mind, saving just a couple of minutes per callout can make a significant difference to the care provided by the whole service.

Connecting Paramedics With Instant Real-Time Information

Specialist mobility technologies can empower paramedics to be more effective with their time while distributing a better quality of care to a more significant number of patients. The most straightforward, most effective solutions can involve:

– Deploying medical-grade enterprise devices that synchronise with dispatch and communicate real-time updates to patient records. These devices can be combined with IT infrastructure to track outbound stock and automatically generate lists for replenishments while informing paramedics of what they do and do not have onboard their vehicles.

Ultra-reliable, low latency data connectivity that can enable doctors to use video streaming to triage patients in real-time before they arrive at the hospital.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) software that enables devices to stay connected to critical applications roam seamlessly between multiple wireless networks, and maintain applications even when moving in and out of wireless coverage areas. This software also enables a faster, more efficient handover of patients to A&E departments.

Fast and secure access to patient information and critical applications without needing to enter lengthy passwords or login IDs.

How To Deploy Such Technologies?

You may explore the benefits of the above solutions without working out how they mesh with your existing IT infrastructure. Fortunately, this is why solution providers like MiTEQ exist. We work with a framework of industry-leading technology solution providers that help us supply public and private healthcare facilities with comprehensive IT solutions. If you drop us an email or call, we will gladly help you source and deploy the most effective, cost-saving, efficiency-driving technologies to meet your needs and requirements.

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