TC2X Series Mobile Computers

The Most Economical Mobile Computers for Your Organisation

The TC22/TC27 mobile computers are the most recent iteration of the thriving TC2x Series. Equipped with cutting-edge functionalities, they simplify competition with businesses of any scale. This robust device is ideal for a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, field service, and entertainment. It features a next-generation processor, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, CBRS, and private 5G networks, a 6″ display that is readable both indoors and outdoors, an integrated scanner for quick, first-time, and accurate barcode capture in any environment, support for tap-to-pay and non-payment contactless transactions, a battery life sufficient for the longest shift, and accessories that simplify every task.

Gain the advantage necessary to contend with businesses of any scale with the TC22/TC27—a cost-effective device that combines the desired smartphone design for employees with the functionalities required by your organisation.

TC22, TC27, TC21, TC21-HC, TC26, TC26-HC