Using Zebra Technologies Clinical-Grade Mobile Devices To Improve Patient Care

Zebra Technologies recently released their 2022 Healthcare Vision Study, addressing the ongoing trends of mobile technology in Healthcare facilities. The study cited a 90%+ increase in Zebra mobile device uptake across Bedside Nurses, Physicians and Pharmacists – a sign that decision-makers are finally seeing the value of well informed mobile technology solutions.

In this blog, we will explore the ways healthcare facilities can utilise Zebra mobile phones, scanners, printers, tablets, and more, to provide clinicians with the tools they need to deliver greater, faster, more effective patient care.

1) The Benefits Of Mobile Technology In Healthcare

2) Use-Cases For Mobile Technology: Equipment Tracking, Patient Record-Keeping, Inventory Management

3) Supporting Existing Zebra Mobile Estates

4) Enquire About Trialling Mobile Technology With MiTEQ

The Benefits Of Mobile Technology In Healthcare

The options available to the likes of CIOs, CNIOs, and Facilities Managers are vast; which is why we recommend anyone exploring mobile technology to reach out to a member of the MiTEQ team, for advice. For those still unclear about why they should be investing in mobile technology, the overarching benefits of mobile solutions can be summarised as the following:

  • Faster communication channels and reduced response times
  • Greater visibility of medical equipment and assets
  • Faster, more accurate inventory management processes
  • Improved accuracy of patient records and medication administration processes
  • Secure and reliable access control

If you are being challenged to address issues in any of the above areas, it’s worth making an enquiry via the Contact Us section of the MiTEQ website, where one of our mobile technology experts can reach out to you and schedule a free initial call. We are already consulting with several top-performing hospitals around their mobile technology projects.

Best Use-Cases For Mobile Technology: Equipment Tracking, Patient Record-Keeping, Inventory Management, Medication Administration

Equipment Tracking

Mobile technology can be used to digitize important pieces of medical equipment, and make it easier for clinicians to find and track fixed and mobile assets. This is particularly helpful for managing items like rented hospital beds, wheelchairs and bladder scanners, or items that need regular servicing or cleaning, such as water coolers.

Patient Record-Keeping: Digitizing Information:

Instead of manually tracking patient records, healthcare providers can enable clinicians with mobile devices, and turn their handwritten records into digital ones. This creates secure, centralised information databases, that are more accurate, accessible, and difficult to lose or misplace.

Inventory Management:

As a result of the Scan4Safety initiative, most hospitals now utilise some form of mobile technology to manage inventory. For those using barcoding technology, the next step for your healthcare facility will likely involve RFID technology.

What are the perks of investing in RFID technology?

– No physical intervention is required for scanning

– RFID tags can be scanned and read without line-of-sight

– Ability to scan multiple items at once

– Generate real-time visibility of stock

It goes without saying that, should you still be using pen-and-paper inventory management systems, we can quickly help you integrate barcode solutions, and would highly encourage you to reach out right away.

Supporting Existing Zebra Mobile Estates

Mobile device support might not be the glamorous part of mobile device rollouts, but it is an important part.

For enterprises already managing Zebra mobile device estates, MiTEQ can deliver on requirements such as Zebra label printer support (UK), Zebra device repair (be it for a Zebra S4M printer, rugged Windows tablets, barcode scanners, or more), and even refurbishments and rentals. It goes without saying that we consult on mobile technology requirements and assist with rollouts and refreshes.

MiTEQ’s close-working partnership with Zebra Technologies means that our mobility experts have an in-depth understanding of all Zebra clinical-grade mobile devices, and are able to support mobile device exploration, enrolment, deployment and day-to-day management exercises.

Enquire About Trialling Mobile Technology With MiTEQ

Across the MiTEQ team, we have several decades’ worth of experience working both within and alongside the NHS, utilising close-working relationships with the likes of ,Zebra Technologies, Kinsetsu, Servelec and ,Imprivata to deliver modern mobility solutions to those at the forefront of care provision.

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