Get To Know Emily Tier: MiTEQ Business Development Executive

“Knowledge is power” – Sir Francis Bacon

Emily Tier has joined the MiTEQ family as a Business Development Executive.

With a wealth of experience working within the Hospitality sector and an avid interest in learning about different ways of thinking, Emily is all too used to solving problems quickly and delivering first-class customer service to various audiences.

We spent some time chatting with Emily, learning about her role at MiTEQ, and exploring how she will add value to MiTEQ’s budding ecosystem of customers, partners and employees.n

1) From Criminology To Technology

2) “Selling a service I believe in…”

3) Swim, Swim, Socialise

4) Dinner With Three People, Dead Or Alive…

From Criminology To Mobile Technology

Having studied Criminology and Sociology at university, Emily’s ability to understand a person’s pain points, goals, and motivations has always been helpful.

“The enterprise technology sector might sound far removed from a degree in Criminology and Sociology, but there’s more overlap than people think. Being able to appreciate where people are, where they want to be, and what’s critically important to them, from day to day, is the bridge that links it all together.”

Emily will be a first point-of-contact for many IT and Operational professionals, and having the skills to listen to their challenges and understand what they need and why they need it will enable Emily to deliver real value to MiTEQ’s customers.

“Selling a service, I believe in…”

“The innovative mobile technology solutions provided by MiTEQ – for asset tracking, management and monitoring purposes – excite me, and I look forward to selling a service I believe in. The industry is new, but I look forward to meeting new people and tackling challenges head-on.

From a personal perspective, customers must have a positive experience interacting with me. As someone who strives to help people wherever I can, I want customers to leave conversations with me, feeling like they’ve been heard and knowing that they can trust me to find the right solutions to put in front of them.

I try my best to be environmentally conscious. I have identified MiTEQ as a company with like-minded aims: to become more sustainable in day-to-day operations and empower forward-thinking enterprises to do the same.”

Swim, Swim, Socialise

“I love to swim, whether in the sea, a pool, or a wild swimming spot. Being outside and active, especially with friends, is one of my favourite activities. I am also partial to a pint (or two) at the pub, with friends, at the weekend.”

Dinner With Three People, Dead Or Alive…n

1. Louis Theroux – widely considered an all-around legend, he’d have many stories to tell, and I would love to get the inside scoop on some of the intriguing characters he’s interviewed.

2. Debra Meaden – as a strong-willed, business-savvy woman with clear ethics around sustainability and the environment, she’d bring a refreshing perspective to conversations.

3. Romesh Ranganathan – of course, we will need someone to provide the comedic entertainment for the evening, and I feel like we’d get along well.

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