Warehouse Leaders: Improve The Way Workers Engage With Your Mobile Devices

As supply chain operations digitise workflows and strive to improve asset visibility, productivity, and efficiency, more pressure is being placed on driving greater quality engagement between production workers and enterprise mobile devices.

Throughout this blog, we will explain how business leaders can use technology, like Zebra Technology’s Intelligent Cabinets, alongside device modernisation tools, to migrate mobile devices away from legacy systems, then optimise and manage them in a way that prevents losses, streamline processes, and generates actionable insights for business leaders.

1) Optimising Mobile Device Workflows For Warehouse Workers

2) Intelligent Cabinets For Greater Mobile Device Storage

3) MiTEQ: Asset Tracking, Management, & Mobility Specialists

Optimising Mobile Device Workflows For Warehouse Workers

Zebra Technology’s 2024 Warehouse Vision Study referenced “worker comfort”, “seasonal labour”, and “labour retention” as the top three of seven priorities for warehousing labour initiatives by 2024.

MiTEQ is helping warehouse enterprises deploy Ivanti Wavelink’s Velocity platform to modernise traditional “green screen” layouts on mobile computers and make it easier for new workers to get to grips with unfamiliar enterprise systems.

“Why is this so important?” Because half of the battle is choosing the right mobile technologies, and the other half is making it simple for workers to click the right buttons and engage with systems in the right way.” – Annie Wilson

Where existing mobile systems present users with several buttons to click – six of which might be irrelevant to their role or day-to-day tasks – MiTEQ enables businesses to select the right buttons to display and present them in a way that is easy for workers to engage with. These changes can dramatically improve productivity, all while preventing task-critical mistakes from occurring.

Intelligent Cabinets For Greater Mobile Device Storage

MiTEQ is also supplying warehouse operations with Zebra Technology’s Intelligent Cabinet solution, designed to improve the security of mobile device storage, automate device provisioning, and make it effortless for business leaders to keep track of device usage.

David Degrassi, a specialist in enterprise mobile computing, says that “if a single worker’s mobile device goes down – or missing – for just a few minutes, productivity can be dramatically reduced and customers impacted. Even short recovery delays can compound and create longer fulfilment delays.”

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets have been developed with over 15 years of experience and offer a portfolio of both standardised modular and customised storage solutions to enable optimum business continuity and efficiencies in warehouse, transportation, logistics, and retail operations.

MiTEQ: Asset Tracking, Management, and mobility Specialists

The MiTEQ team have successfully executed decades’ worth of mobile technology rollouts. We currently support the management of thousands of mobile devices, hundreds of thousands of mobile workers, and soon-to-be millions of intelligently tagged mobile assets.

We can help you successfully navigate a mobile device upgrade, supply you with fully provisioned, best-in-class, ready-to-use devices, and offer managed services, repairs, rentals and refurbishments to support your day-to-day operations.

If your needs still need to be met by current suppliers, or you need support sourcing devices, batteries, labels, or more, call us.

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