How Global Healthcare Companies Are Streamlining Labelling To Meet Compliance Regulations

Label management processes are often overlooked as contributing to service delays, inefficiencies and overall expenditure. With regulations becoming increasingly scrupulous for the likes of Medical Device Manufacturers, Food and beverage Businesses and Healthcare Providers – spurred on by cases such as the PIP Breast Implant Scandal – there is now more reason than ever to adopt a centralised, secure and compliant labelling system to improve accuracy, compliance and overall business efficiency.

In this blog, we’ll explore the case study of a large healthcare company that has streamlined its entire labelling process by integrating the simple, straightforward cloud labelling solution MiTEQ is delivering to heavily regulated industries.

1) Background: A Global Healthcare Enterprise

2) The Vision: Simple, Standardized, Compliant

3) The Solution: Hundreds Of Man-Hours Saved

4) How Can I Replicate These Results?

Background: A Global Healthcare Enterprise

With over 70,000 employees across more than 100 different countries and a market capitalisation of more than 50 billion, this healthcare enterprise supplies nutritional products and laboratory diagnostics to medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies. With such an extensive customer base and a portfolio of offerings spanning multiple highly regulated industries, a streamlined approach to compliant labelling was crucial.

The Vision: Simple, Standardized, Compliant

To meet constantly evolving regulatory requirements, this international supplier of nutritional and medical products needed a labelling system that could simplify, automate and better track label design requests while improving process efficiencies on the manufacturing floor and throughout distribution centres. They wanted to standardise and unify their labelling workflows and ensure that, as regulations evolved, their platform could become, too.

The Solution: Hundreds Of Man-Hours Saved

They could centralise their label design, printing, and management by integrating a complete label lifecycle management solution. They could reduce thousands of individual product labels into templates and groups of standard label information and eliminate paperwork while improving visibility and cross-team collaboration by controlling user access.

“Consolidating three separate labelling applications into one reduced our support costs, eliminated hardware constraints and aligned with the global strategy of IT portfolio reduction” – Quality Assurance Manager

Overall, this cloud labelling solution has enabled the customer to:

  • Streamline label approval processes to save hundreds of person-hours per year
  • Create templates for their thousands of labels
  • Streamline label request processes and turnaround times
  • Unify label design, printing and management
  • Streamline cross-team collaboration
  • Reduce print job setup times by 15-20 minutes
  • Quickly meet local and global regulatory requirements
  • Improve error rates and process efficiency by eliminating data duplication
  • Comply with FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements
  • Reduce product recalls

How Can I Replicate These Results?

MiTEQ is working with business leaders across various sectors, marrying up business needs – and customer demands – with technologies that can improve efficiencies, expenditure and customer experiences. 

You could elevate your quality assurance processes through improvements to your labelling systems, tracking and managing assets, or more. Visit our Contact Us page. We’re working with companies like yours to innovate within existing frameworks and elevate business operations – to realise transformative returns.

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