Key Benefits Of Deploying Mobile Devices, 5G & Network Connectivity Solutions In Ambulatory Services

Ambulatory services are constantly running at total capacity and have to deliver impeccable patient care at speed without compromising patient experiences. For years, laborious manual processes have been used to track symptoms, manage fleet inventories, and communicate information back to hospital clinicians; fortunately, those processes have evolved with the development of cutting-edge clinical-grade mobile devices and progressive options for network connectivity solutions.

1) The Dangers Of Poor Clinical Connectivity

2) The Benefits Of Mobility Technology For Paramedics

3) How 5G & Multi-Network Connectivity Can Transform Mobile Care

4) Deploying Solutions Cost-Effectively

The Dangers Of Poor Clinical Connectivity

Recently, there was a news story that went viral about an elderly lady who died in the back of a non-emergency transit vehicle while on her way to the hospital. One paramedic stated that “due to the position of [the patient] in the back of the van, CPR was ineffective”. Not only was there no defibrillator available inside the vehicle, but staff had also “failed to recognise that the 81-year-old patient was in respiratory or cardiac distress“.

With more immediate access to specialist healthcare professionals and better visibility of the equipment being stocked within vehicles, care providers can avoid tragedies like that referenced above and improve the overall execution of their service offerings.

The Benefits Of Mobility Technology For Paramedics

Modern mobility technologies can empower paramedics to be more effective with their time while distributing a better quality of care to more patients. As an overview, properly managed mobile devices can enable your ambulatory staff to:

– Access and update patient records remotely

– Create real-time visibility of what equipment is onboard your ambulances

Automate outbound stock counts and corresponding replenishment lists

– Seamlessly communicate information to specialist care departments in real-time to inform a better provision of care

– Use tap-and-go access cards to automate logins and ensure proper accountability for decision-making

How 5G & Multi-Network Connectivity Can Transform Mobile Care

Technology providers, like MiTEQ, are connecting mobile care providers with low latency, ultra-reliable networks to enable the likes of ambulatory workers to accurately triage patients over video streams while en route to A&E. This kind of connectivity infrastructure is allowing ambulatory workers to:

Reliably communicate with third parties to coordinate callouts and utilise specialist support

– Seamlessly send and stream media content while en route to A&E

Adopt powerful IoT applications to evolve the speed and quality of care provision continuously

– Improve response times, cut costs, and, most importantly, save lives.

Deploying Solutions Cost-Effectively

Should you wish to explore cutting-edge mobility technologies, 5G or multi-network connectivity solutions for your ambulatory service or healthcare facility, MiTEQ works with a framework of industry-leading technology solution providers to supply fully supported end-to-end IT solutions.

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