This Digital, Cloud-Based Label Printing System Improves Manufacturing for Ecommerce Businesses

According to Entrepreneur Europe, global e-commerce sales are up 20 percent in 2020. And, considering that businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce human-to-human contact throughout their supply chains, it makes sense.

With global economies fluctuating unpredictably, it is difficult for businesses to act with certainty over the long-term future of market trends. Fortunately, digitalisation and an overall shift in favour of online stores are things we have seen develop with ever-increasing momentum over the last decade.

TechRadar states that “the impact of the Coronavirus on our societies has expedited digital transformation on a scale no one could have predicted.” in light of growing demand for cloud-based label printing systems – for more and more businesses managing to manufacture remotely – this blog will discuss how  NiceLabel’s Cloud-Based Label Printing System can revolutionise E-commerce businesses’ supply chains.

Why Traditional Label Printing Systems Require Updating

Traditional label printing systems have depended on efficient supply chain infrastructures to weave between factories, warehouses, and distribution centres. These legacy printing systems take a sort of ‘one-way funnel’ approach, which sees assets being handed through the supply chain in a slower, riskier fashion than is necessary. These systems make for less adaptive operations.

For businesses dealing with many different brands, warehouses can see as many as ten on-site printers. Labs would typically be batch-printed at these on-site printer locations, carried to the production line, and manually applied. It is a frustratingly inefficient process that gives rise to mislabelling. As businesses integrate more and more technology into supply chains, mishaps like incorrect labelling can detract from the benefits of incorporating solutions such as RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies – both of which work together to ensure your business’s assets are trackable, locatable and constantly communicating updates (if you’re not familiar with RFID or IoT technology, drop our team a message so we can help you better understand the value they can add to businesses).

There is a corresponding digital template for every label required throughout the production process. With stand-alone legacy printers, templates are often stored on overloaded hard drives and transported between printer locations. Labelling templates must be updated collectively, which is more challenging and problematic.

In summary, all of the additional manual steps required for traditional printing systems – on top of the decentralised nature of using legacy printers – make it difficult for businesses to implement a process of adequate quality assurance. So, what is the solution?

NiceLabel’s Digital Label Printing System Outperforms Comparable Solutions

NiceLabel’s digital label printing system lets users centrally manage their labels, upload them remotely, and access them from anywhere. Whether your business has several warehouses or often needs to collaborate on designs from afar, this printing solution makes a world of difference in creating, sharing, and printing labels with improved consistency, agility and expenditure.

With the ability to standardise label formats throughout a supply chain, organisations can better protect themselves against counterfeiting and diversion and make their inventory management automation more efficient (i.e., they can better use RFID tags or others). With the added perk of using this system across a whole host of different label printer interfaces, customers are not restricted to a specific manufacturer, and printing can be streamlined across the board.

We couldn’t say it better than NiceLabel: “Those who wish to flourish in the still-rising e-commerce industry must ramp up rather than slow down”. CEO Satya Nadella stated, “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months”, and to ride the wave of digitalisation with maximum impact, we encourage all businesses to seek out flexible solutions that ensure long-term adaptability for success.

You can trial NiceLabel’s LMS (Label Management System) by clicking on the banner below.

We are keen to ensure your experience with this technology is as seamless as possible, so reach out to our team if you want help setting up your free trial.


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